Boosta ditt bolag med studenter på Handelshögskolan

Stockholm School of Economics (Handelshögskolan i Stockholm) is offering 16 start-up-companies to participate in two course projects in two parallel courses in our Master program ”Business and Management”, January-March 2023. The two courses are 1) Brands and Communications and 2) Innovation Management.

  1. Within the course Brands and Communications the course project is about 1) developing a brand strategy, and 2) to suggest amarketing communications plan for the next two years (including brand image marketing) for the company.
  2. Within the course Innovation Management the course project is about supporting the company in developing an innovative solution to a relevant challenge faced by the company, be it an unmet user need, a societal issue or poor system performance.

The students will be divided into 16 teams, mixed as to gender and nationality. Each team will then be assigned to one of the companies in the course, and the same team will carry out both course projects (A. and B. above) for the same company. The course is given in English since many students come from other countries.

Our aim is that these projects should be beneficial and add value to your company!

The large majority of companies participating in earlier course projects have been very satisfied with their participation.


What we ask from participating companies

  1. To participate to a kick-off lunch, give a short oral presentation of the company and meet with the company’s student team on Tuesday, January 18, from about 12.30 until about 15.30 at the Stockholm School of Economics. At least one representative from the company needs to be present. (If the company is not located in Stockholm, we will provide a Zoom link for participation, although we prefer physical participation.)
  2. To provide a short presentation of the company (which you may already have), its main challenges and a link to your home page for the students to look at in advance,
  3. To be (reasonably) available to the students for questions during the project work, i.e., to make sure they have all the information about the company that they need to carry out the projects.
  4. To participate in the two final project report presentations, one in each course, during the days Tuesday, March 7, to Thursday, March 9. You only need to be present when your student team is presenting their solutions for your company (2 x 1 hour).

The companies we are looking for:

The participating company …

  1. … shall not be too established (i.e., should not have an already “fixed” brand strategy and concrete, detailed marketing communication plans), but should have a sellable product or service which has already been offered on a market. The company must have an income/turn-over in 2022, and preferably also in 2021.
  2. … shall be involved and active in new product and service development, i.e., already investing in and working on development of existing products or services, or on business model innovations, or on completely new products and services, target markets, business models etc.
  3. … shall be able to have a budget for marketing and innovation. The size of these budgets is important to discuss with the students at the first meeting so they know the constraints they are working with.
  4. … shall be willing to participate at the two occasions mentioned above (during March 7-9) and to stay in touch with the students throughout the project work for answering questions about the company, its product(s) or service(s), its innovation and development activities, its market(s) etc.

Applying to participate:

If you are interested in participating, please mail ( the following:

  1. A short description of the company with a link to the company’s home-page, including the estimated turn-over in 2022 and, preferably, the turn-over also in 2021.
  2. A short description of the company’s main challenges (at least one).
  3. That you agree to participate in accordance with the premises listed above (in the kick-off lunch and meeting, to provide a short presentation of the company and its main challenges for the students to look at in advance, to be reasonably available to the students for questions during the project work, and to participate in the two final project presentations).