Young Entrepreneurs of Sweden

About YEoS

Young Entrepreneurs of Sweden, YEoS, is a non profit organization founded in 2008. Our purpose is to create the most powerful platform for young entrepreneurs in Sweden between the age 18-35. Focusing on the entrepreneur, rather than the industry, our +200 members support each other, through exchanging knowledge and inspiration.

Each year, a number of larger events are coordinated; YEoS Summit, YEoS Xplore and YEoS Xchange, as well as a number of smaller events and regularly occurring seminars. 

We are constantly looking for striving entrepreneurs below age 30 as new members. Do you know someone with proven exceptional entrepreneurial interest and skills?

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YEoS promotes entrepreneurship and supports entrepreneurs through:

  • Creating a rewarding context for young entrepreneurs where they can build relations with likeminded: relations that might be crucial for their success.
  • Enabling an exchange of knowledge for our members and support through handpicked partners.
  • Providing our members opportunities to get in contact with each other as well as mentors and investors.
  • Organizing events and continuous meet-ups where networking is made easy.
  • Enabling an open and effective dialogue between members through our social channels.



Fredric Tegebro

+46 70 241 88 83